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PHOEBE ∆X∆ Shares Debut Single ‘Wisdom Teeth (Pressure)’

The new single Wisdom Teeth (Pressure) by PHOEBE ∆X∆ explores mental health and growing up in a melancholy bedroom pop song. 

PHOEBE ∆X∆ 2020

PHOEBE ∆X∆ is somewhat of a musical powerhouse. The singer, songwriter and producer from East London is the epitome of the indie approach, creating music solely on her own at just 19 years of age. Her debut single, Wisdom Teeth (Pressure), touches on themes of mental health and the pressure that can be felt when growing up and having to enter adulthood without a manual for life. 

The use of fluttering, soft electronic beats create an almost R&B vibe whilst also adding an undeniably pop undertone to the song with Phoebe’s comforting vocals, showcasing vulnerability throughout the song. Similar to Eliza Doolittle, Phoebe AXA is certainly one to watch. 

Talking about the new single, Phoebe says:

This single is my very reluctant response to growing up. It explores the melancholy feeling you get when you enter a new phase of your life. I suppose it’s me having a bit of a tantrum about having to be an adult and feeling under pressure.