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Pushing the pedal to the metal, Conversing With Oceans’ new song Life comes as a spellbinding and alert tune, sure to light up a restless fire inside whoever listens.

Conversing With Oceans 2020

Steadily building up to a memorably epic climax, Conversing With Oceans‘ new battle-song Life seems designed for an intense, full of action movie soundtrack. With clean and powerful vocals from start to finish, strongly supported and uplifted by alert and restless instrumental, the song is going to grab your attention and drag you into its fast-paced story of selfless dedication and inspiring drive, all to “carry that dream home”.

Speaking on the new single, Conversing With Oceans share:

It is an in-your-face rock anthem for the oppressed and anyone who’s fighting tyrannical forces for equality, justice, and freedom.