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BO BASKORO Shares New Single ‘Love You Now’

Love You Now is the latest pop-soaked track from Bo Baskoro to get you going at the start of your week.


Sun-drenched and sprawling synths are saturated throughout this track that continues to build and build. Love You Now feels uplifting as it explodes with light, backed by the reflective lyrics pulling on those heartstrings. Following the narrative that the song explores, the accompanying video plays with the movement and flow of the track ever so well.

Speaking on the new track, Bo Baskoro shares:

‘Love You Now’ is about the one who got away and about those nights that you canʼt fall asleep because youʼre kept awake by the thoughts of how you wouldʼve done things differently and finally being honest with yourself and your responsibility in the end. Knowing that if you had the chance to reconcile you would do it all right this time.