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KIOS Stun With New Single ‘Felt Like Heaven’

With a woozy vibe and laid-back melodies, Kios’ newest track Felt Like Heaven is the nostalgic reminiscence that will remind you of the good days yet to come.

Kios 2020

Nashville-based indie-rock duo Kios bring their dizzying sound to new heights with their latest track Felt Like Heaven. Harmonising resonant synths with soulful guitars, it’s an all-encapsulating sound that welcomes you into a warm embrace and shares its feel good vibes with you for you to power through the day. Reminding you that ‘the storms will pass’, Felt Like Heaven provides strength to toil on through the hardships by reminding you of the euphoria of good times past that will come again. A motivational persistence drives the undercurrent of the track, and coaxing vocals deliver this message in a gentle manner that sympathises with your weariness but urges you to keep your head above water.

Speaking more about the release, the pair explains:

‘Felt Like Heaven’ was written as a reminder to reflect on the best moments that we’ve had in life. Many times one bad week can make us forget all of the good moments, replacing them with whatever slump we’re in. We hope that ‘Felt Like Heaven’ will bring about a nostalgia, reminding the listener of the best times he or she has had. We’ve been personally encouraged by the song, and we hope others are too. This will be the 6th single from Kios, releasing just before our first EP.