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MAISIE MAY Charms With New Single ‘Lost My Love’

Maisie May breaks free from the past and moves on in her alluring pop gem Lost My Love.

Maisie May 2020

Pairing dreamy soundscapes with a poignant story of self-growth, Maisie May captivates with her luscious new single Lost My Love. Drenched in pop sensibilities, the track chronicles May’s journey back to her childhood home in Upstate New York where she had not lived for several years.

Musing over her past choices, May finds herself in a reflecting mood as she reminisces on a love now lost, capturing it in a subtle sonic bubble. Sun-kissed and nostalgic, the track glistens with delicate guitar strums and angelic vocals, thriving on a shimmering texture. Letting go of the past is not easy, but sometimes that’s exactly what we need to do to flourish and find our way back home, wherever that might lead to.

Speaking on the new single, May shares:

Writing ‘Lost My Love’ empowered me to push bad energies out of my own life in order to grow as an individual. It was never meant to be a sad song or a ‘fuck you’ song… it was just a reflection of how losing love for other people can often be the catalyst for finding love for yourself… I was learning to swim.