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STANDING LIKE STATUES Share Emotive New Cut ‘The Best Kind Of Anxiety’

Although any kind of anxiety is never pleasant, Standing Like Statues do as their track is titled and share The Best Kind Of Anxiety.

Standing Like Statues 2020

Cambridge-based alternative pop-punkers Standing Like Statues channel an anthemic sound and searing energy with their latest single The Best Kind Of Anxiety. Released in anticipation of their forthcoming EP Reality Checkpoint, which is set to be released on November 13th, it builds up the excitement for what’s to come. With hard-hitting riffs and soaring vocals, The Best Kind Of Anxiety packs a punch to the emotional core with its immense sound.

Divulging more about the inspirations behind the track, the band elaborates:

This is a tricky one to explain. So, imagine you suffer with anxiety and that interferes with every part of your life. Then you fall in love and so you have a whole new bunch of things to worry about, or to overcome, but it’s for that one person, so it just feels like it’s possible… The best kind of anxiety is the kind that is accepted and shared. One that makes the rest seem easier.

‘The Best Kind Of Anxiety’ details the inner struggle of always feeling on edge; when you struggle to leave the house, your chest tightens up and that familiar feeling of isolation kicks in. This song is a thank you to the people in life that are there for you regardless of you wanting it, just checking in on you because they care about how you are. Sometimes it’s hard to talk, but it’s still good to know someone wants to listen and understand.