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Live(stream): ICE NINE KILLS // The Palladium, Worcester, MA

The undisputed kings of the horror metal genre are here with the ultimate treat for this Halloween, presenting a livestream with a cinematic twist…

Ice Nine Kills Livestream 2020

Given all that has happened this year, Ice Nine Kill’s horror-themed livestream is about the best kind of festivity you can ask for this Halloween. Cleverly named The Silver Stream, closely following their last album The Silver Scream, viewers were in for a surprise in more ways than one as the band promised an evening of thrills and screams with an interactive “journey through the bowels of hell”. Although such a lofty statement sets high expectations that few bands can fully live up to, Ice Nine Kills went above and beyond, delivering not just an energy-filled set but also a gripping horror movie to accompany.

Enlisting the help of cult horror movie star Bill Moseley to host, it was truly an experience that had viewers on the edge of their chair for every beat. The energy was palpable through the screen and speakers, as frontman Spencer Charnas dramatically pounced around the stage with an axe in hand for opening track Thank God It’s Friday. With plumes of smoke and rapidly flashing lighting, the dynamic setting was matched by an equally enthralling performance from the rest of the band, who were all decked out in horror-movie inspired costumes with twisted smiles on their faces.

The immense percussive power driving The Jig Is Up blasted through loud and clear, whether through the forceful screams or the pummelling drums and as we were treated to a close-up shot of the rapid footwork during the blast beats, you could not help but be in awe of the band’s technical mastery of their instruments as well as their command of the show. Summoning the crowd to jump as the catchy hook of Savages kicked in, Spencer’s call to arms did not go unanswered as the crowd unanimously obeyed and created the illusion of being a singular moving entity. The battering snare in The Nature Of The Beast whips the crowd into a frenzy, and praise be to whoever is mixing the sound for this show as all of the instruments cut through with crystal-clear, giving you a feeling of the raw energy behind the playing.

Ice Nine Kills Livestream 2020

However, the adrenaline doesn’t last long as we cut to a security camera glitch of a masked figure in an elevator. As the suspense builds around the identity and purpose of this person, drummer Patrick Galante’s ‘livestream’ keeps cutting out – no coincidence as it’s not long before he gets ‘killed’ by this stalker. It’s the beginning of a darker narrative that continues throughout the stream, and fans are left guessing as to who will be next. Although this integrated storyline is cliché and very predictable, it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable and it’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into the execution of it, from the special effects makeup to the accompanying sound effects.

Between songs lifted off The Silver Scream and Every Trick In The Book, long-time fans will be particularly pleased when the ominous introduction to The Fastest Way To A Girl’s Heart Is Through Her Ribcage floats through the speaker, before a frenzied performance ensues and grips you with its manic energy. This high-energy carries for the majority of the livestream, and it makes for an immersing follow along as you connect with the band’s palpable stamina, which carries even through the screen. All of this is rounded off by a Psycho-inspired ending, where the masked stalker slashes a showering woman to the wonderfully sultry tones of Spencer Charnas covering Can’t Help Falling In Love – an iconic ending for an iconic band. With The Silver Stream, Ice Nine Kills once again re-enforce their position on the throne of their genre, and makes the festivities of this year’s Halloween one-of-a-kind.

Ice Nine Kills Livestream 2020 Ice Nine Kills Livestream 2020 Ice Nine Kills Livestream 2020