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MIKE TAVEIRA Shares Catchy New Single ‘Karma’

Any attempts to resist the captivating hooks of Karma will be futile, so just allow yourself to fully enjoy and jam along to Mike Taveira’s newest single.

Mike Taveira

Los Angeles-based Mike Taveira is far from the only one who has suffered from a soured relationship and felt that the karma deserved by an ex has yet to be served, yet its precisely the universality of this shared experience that makes his newest single Karma so resonant with listeners. The relatable lyricism is compounded with breathy vocals that makes the track a breeze to listen through, and snappy guitar hooks further capture your attention before a lush chorus takes over. The dynamic interplay between the fiercely rhythmic verses and the expansive chorus creates a captivating allure and continually drives the track forward. An accompanying video sees a very one-sided game of dodgeball, where Mike gets hit from all sides without any breaks or mercy.

Explaining more of the inspiration behind the track and the accompanying video, Mike shares:

I do believe in karma and I do believe she is coming. She just likes to wait for the perfect timing and I was impatient, which led to the song. We wanted to have a simple but effective video to showcase how it feels to constantly receive karma on your end and the result came to dodgeballs being decked at my face.