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CARMEN Confronts Past Feelings With ‘Echo’

Channelling heartbreak, honesty, and unfiltered thoughts, Echo muses upon familiar feelings for anyone who has unexpectedly run into someone from their past.

Carmen 2020

A musical project born out of Floridian Chad Vilarroel’s exploration of love and loss, Carmen takes the newest developmental step with new single Echo. With heart-on-sleeve lyricism and light guitars, Echo has a charming sound that will lightly bounce around your head while the heavier lyrical content provides an anchor for the track to stay rooted in your mind. It’s the third single to be lifted off Carmen’s upcoming EP, Floor.

Sharing more about the track, Carmen mentions:

This song is about that first time running into an ex after you split up, and you’re really taken aback by the situation. The last time you saw this person you were in love and cared for their wellbeing, but now they seem so foreign – like you’re meeting them again for the first time. It’s beautifully tragic in the sense that the only way to recover from that type of loss is to move on emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This is a rather heartbreaking tune lyrically, and the upbeat pop sound is intentionally supposed combat the emotion conveyed in the lyrics.