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JEZ_EBEL Soothes With New Single ‘you’ll get over it’

Whatever difficulty you’re confronted with at the moment, you’ll get over it from JEZ_EBEL will indeed provide you with the strength to get over it.


There’s no denying that the internet is a strange place; sometimes weird, sometimes wonderful, and sometimes a mix of both. However, it’s definitely leaned towards more of the ‘wonderful’ nature for JEZ_EBEL, as it created a space for the artist to discover herself and be inspired to pursue her creative tendencies. Originating from her bedroom in 2017, JEZ_EBEL started life as a way of expression for a lonely and introverted teenager, allowing her to connect with others who enjoyed the same lo-fi, demo vibes and providing a platform to explore themes of sexuality, rebellion, vulnerability and resilience that she wasn’t able to develop in her religious household. Speaking about this, the artist shares:

I wanted JEZ_EBEL to be everything that Isabelle might not dare to be, say or even feel. It was born from an outlet and secession which what was previously expected of me both verbally and subconsciously. Of course at that time, I didn’t realize this. But I now recognize that it was also a stance I took creatively.

I wanted to show an image of a woman, that would even be wrong sometimes. A woman that would feel negative emotions. I wanted to show a woman who could be rude, but also tender and in need of love and validation. I want to show the duality in womanhood, but of course packaged in a romantic aesthetic because I am a hopeless romantic, unfortunately…

you’ll get over it is the latest part of this journey, combining stirring electronic textures with lush synths and tender vocals. Basking in a dainty gentleness, it’s sure to soothe any qualms you may be experiencing.