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LIL CAT Releases New Single ‘i wanna die with you (tomato juice)’

This blend of soft pop and futuristic beats makes for a dazzling, chilled out track.

lil cat 2020

lil cat are a musical duo consisting of Mads Vadsager and Cathrine van Leeuwen who also happen to be in a relationship together. Their new track i wanna die with you (tomato juice) is based around both minor and serious problems in a relationship, exploring the ins and outs of love. This new bedroom pop melody is not only chilled out but incredibly inviting, creating a comfortable atmosphere. The melancholic beats and quiet but soulful voice provided by Cat makes the track feel incredibly cathartic. 

Sharing more about the inspiration behind the song, the duo says:

To put it simply we have a culture, where you strive towards not being boring and satisfied with what you have. We believe that this song puts an end to this and hopefully the listeners will be able to see themselves in this message.

Speaking more on their collaboration, Mads ponders:

We have for a long time refrained from making music together, because there is something incredibly kitch about the “couples band” concept, and we have probably had an idea that you should not mix relationships and work together. But we found out that this is just bullshit.

Cat adds:

Where other couples go to swinger parties or bridge, music is our thing, and the lyrics therefore are also taken directly from our own relationship – whether it is about my clothing crisis, PMS, or that I would like a whole football team of children with Mads. It is a kind of creative couples therapy.