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KIRBY Teams Up With D SMOKE on New Single ‘Superpower’

KIRBY has joined forces with rapper D Smoke to create a smooth RnB future classic with single Superpower

Kirby 2020

Singer-songwriter KIRBY is the writing mastermind behind hits like FourFiveSeconds and Break Your Heart Right Back but now she has created new single Superpower with rapper D Smoke, blurring the lines between jazz, soul and RnB. A song written about finding her superpower was within her skin as a black woman, the track is especially poignant in these times. The song features classic hip-hop beats on the backing track as well as the smooth, dulcet tones within Kirby’s voice. 

Speaking on the new single, KIRBY shares:

I wonder who I would be, had I grown up believing that being black is a Superpower… Believing that instead of capes, we were given skin that’s so varied and complex; we can be dark as the night or bright as the sun. This song is for the melaninated superheros who walk this earth. Your skin is not your burden, your skin is not your curse, your skin is not your choice, BUT it is your Superpower.