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LIMÓN LIMÓN Share New Single ‘Neon Lights In The Rain’

The LA-based duo return with an electro-tinged stunner, Neon Lights In The Rain.

Limon Limon 2020

With a penchant for creating expansive and vibrant soundscapes, Limón Limón take it down a notch for their dreamy new single, Neon Lights In The Rain. Oozing with acute nostalgia and a deep sense of longing, the track finds the duo reflecting on the surreal and fleeting moments in life. Wrapped in kaleidoscopic synths and wistful vocals, Neon Lights In The Rain is a slow-burner that gradually reveals its secrets as it builds, taking the listener on a journey through the technicolour world of Limón Limón.

Speaking on the new single, the duo explains:

[It’s] a song about surreal lifetime experiences that last forever in your mind. The kind of moments where you find yourself stepping back and appreciating the fleeting beauty and color of life.