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CIRCUMNAVIGATE Stun With New Single ‘Keep A Moment’

The beauty of simplicity can often get overlooked and understated, but as Circumnavigate strip back to minimal accompaniment for their newest offering Keep A Moment, you’ll be reminded of it.


Oslo’s alt-pop quartet Circumnavigate might find themselves based in London now, but they still evoke the sweeping soundscapes of their native country and the rugged beauty of Nordic nature with their expansive sound. With a minimalistic instrumental backing that allows vocalist Sigrid Zeiner-Gundersen’s dulcet tones to shine through, Keep A Moment creates a moving listening experience that will touch at your heart. Swelling strings and delicate piano keys add an element of drama that will leave you feeling breathless from wonder and in awe of the mellifluous curves as different textures join in and fade out.

The track touches upon those moments in life when you’re experiencing pure, unadulterated joy; it reminisces upon the memories you wish could last forever. As your heart begins to flutter and take flight from the strong emotions that accompany this nostalgic reflection, the track will soar alongside as rolling drums and humming electronics build towards the climax, where a full texture takes hold and surrounds you in a burning glow. Gently falling away for a peaceful ending, the track finishes its journey on a full circle, beginning with the same simplistic tones that it began with and you’re left with a sense of fulfilment and completion.