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THE NEW MADNESS Charge With New Song ‘You’ll Know My Name’

The New Madness are definitely sticking to the words of their most recent single You’ll Know My Name as they pull out charging guitars and captivating melodies that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

The New Madness 2020

Berlin-based, Danish-born multi-instrumentalist Bjarke Sørensen is the mastermind behind the musical collective The New Madness, who takes inspiration from garage rock and revisionist blues rock and conjugates it into a style of their own. Self-describing as ‘pure freedom rock’ and ‘a rebel call to sticking it to The Man, freaking out and embracing non-conformity – a new madness!’, there’s definitely a freeing feeling to be experienced when you listen to their latest single You’ll Know My Name.

Imagine if The Black Keys, The Hive and Jet had a three-way marriage; that’s what the melody of You’ll Know My Name sounds like, as it brings punchy guitar riffs and electrifying vocals together to create a sweet hit of nostalgia for the golden days of classic rock. With high ‘ooh’s that are unashamedly catchy, and a driving drum kit that keeps the energy high throughout, the dynamism of the track will leave you feeling recharged and ready to tackle the world.