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OSCAR ANTON Stuns With New Track ‘play and rewind’

With soothing vocals and comforting acoustic guitars, play and rewind is a much needed respite and reflection on the busyness of modern life.

Oscar Anton 2020

French songwriter-producer Oscar Anton knows a thing or two about how to captivate people with music; he signed to Polydor-Universal when he was 20, before quitting to create his own label a few months ago at the age of 23, and have since gained over 4 million streams with this latest venture. It comes as no surprise then, that his latest song play and rewind is a dazzling cut of bedroom pop that will make you want to melt into its embrace.

Musing upon the moments that have flown by, the hustle and bustle of life is a familiar concept to all of us. In its rapid pace, cherished memories can often get swept along before we have a chance to appreciate them for what they are, and we can find ourselves reflecting upon the past in a respite from the present. Explaining more of his inspirations behind the track, Oscar Anton shares:

‘play and rewind’ is about wanting to grow up as a kid while you’re moving forward and don’t even realize it. It also echoes with today’s situation: being deprived of social relationships makes us appreciate and cherish those moments even more. We would wanna play – these memories – and rewind again and again.