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POCHENSKI Release New Single ‘No Answers’

Pochenski captivate with a thrilling alt-rock cut, No Answers.

Pochenski 2021

Comprising of Dan Pye (guitar/vocals), Kieran Joyce (bass/vocals) and George Coleman (drums), Pochenski are a British rock outfit hailing from London and Manchester. Following the release of their debut single, How Long, in December 2020, the band has now offered up compelling new song, No Answers. “A soundtrack for strange times”, the new track paints a mosaic of sounds and textures that coalesce into a transcendent musical experience. From reverberating guitars and colossal drums to emotionally-charged vocals and profound, thought-provoking lyrics, No Answers is progressive alt-rock at its finest. With a flair for creating anthemic choruses, we can’t wait to hear more from Pochenski.