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ELLIE D. Releases Tender New Single ‘Pretend’

Pretend marks the first single from ellie d. this year, ahead of her upcoming EP.

ellie d

Los-Angeles native ellie d. shares her experiences of trying to navigate through the confusion of her early 20s, and particularly the romantic uncertainty in her newest single Pretend. Questioning the validity of her feelings and the choices brought upon by new romance, it’s a heartfelt offering that allows listeners to get to the core of her doubts. With a narrative style of lyrics, we go through the chapters of ellie d.’s story as she experiences it and can relate our own thoughts to it to harbour an affinity with the musician. Soothed by her airy vocals and the laid-back accompaniment, her music allows you to lower your inner walls and share in the communal anxieties that confront us.

Speaking more on the meaning of the track, ellie d. explains:

‘Pretend’ is about the stomach aches and overthinking you get when you start to develop feelings for someone. You get a taste of it and there’s no turning back. Is that struggle worth it? Or is it better to be alone, single, and not be into someone at all?