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HAYDEN EVERETT Stuns With New Single ‘Kennecott’

Offering a tender presence with his soothing sound, Hayden Everett brings his gentle yet impactful new single Kennecott.


Hayden Everett is an artist in various senses of the word; he combines his love for music, visual arts and the outdoors in a heartbreakingly tender sound that channels expansive alt-folk influences with gorgeous flecks of indie-pop. He evokes the stillness and beauty of nature through meticulously placed piano notes, while feather-light drums gently drive the track forward with a soft momentum.

His newest single Kennecott sees him bringing his respect for natural landscapes into his songwriting as well, as he narrates the story of a now-abandoned mining town in Alaska from the early 1900s. Told from the perspective of the town, it muses upon how its residents failed to recognise and protect its natural beauty, and offers a wider message of resisting current day mining projects and proposals that will continue to harm the environment. The accompanying music video for the track sees a collaboration with the National Parks Service to bring a collection of photos of the town from the 1930s, driving home the melancholic nostalgia of how the town’s natural beauty had been lost.