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WALLOWS Breathe New Life Into ‘OK’ With Re-Work

Collaborating with Remi Wolf and Solomonophonic, this is OK as you’ve never heard it before.

Wallows, Remi Wolf, and Solomonophonic

When Wallows first cheered us up at the start of quarantine by releasing OK, it offered a much-needed dose of optimism and novelty to shake up routine. A year later, they’ve pulled us from the throes of boredom again by reworking OK with Remi Wolf and Solomonophonic, offering the track in a never-before-heard manner. Bringing in jubilant choral harmonies, and festive-sounding electronics that sparkle through the groovy bass lines, it’s a lesson in feel-good music that will undoubtedly carry us through the next few months.

The collaboration also sees a musical reunion for the band and Remi Wolf, with whom they teamed up with to co-write These Days and share college memories with, particularly for band member Cole Preston. This familiarity comes across in the organic collaboration, which shakes up the original track enough to make it feel exciting while maintaining enough connection to keep it recognisable. The smattering of electronics infuses the track with a childish joy, and the lightness of the instrumentals in this re-worked version makes it a buoyant alternative to the original.