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LOW HUMMER Reveal Music Video for ‘Never Enough’

Never Enough is the culture-bound syndromes inspired track from Low Hummer.

Low Hummer 2021

Hull-based quintet Low Hummer are known for using their music to dig into themes of social isolation, disinformation, and online manipulation; writing songs for the loved, the lonely, and the confused. Their new single, Never Enough, continues tackling such themes.

Exploring culture-bound syndromes, which are defined as “a collection of signs and symptoms that are restricted to a limited number of cultures by reason of certain psychosocial features,” Never Enough takes on a very lucid, indie sound, with Aimee Duncan’s understated vocals praying true to those from artists like The Cure and Joy Division.

The lyrics ponder over the ideas of self-doubt, growing old, and reframing our mindsets to change the situations we’re in, and the accompanying music video portrays the lucidity seen in the single. Quick camera movements and brightly coloured filters providing a haze over the shots show the thought that life passes by in the blink of an eye. Seemingly a negative single, the underlying repetition of ‘take control’ provides a little bit of hope and optimism. On the track, guitarist Dan said:

I felt like this was an interesting topic for a song, [as] the subject helped me pull together lines along with my own notes on ageing and self-doubt. It all sounds very depressing but I hope there’s still lots of light in the lines, such as when Aimee suggests the idea of reframing the situations you find yourself in when you’re struggling.