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ALEX SIEGEL Releases New Single ‘Sangsuree’

A love song for a cherished friend, Sangsuree is the latest track from Alex Siegel.

Alex Siegel 2021

Born and raised in Santa Monica, experimental singer-songwriter and producer Alex Siegel takes inspirations from genres all over the shop to create his tracks – notes of jazz, folk, pop and hip-hop all play a part in his ‘sound cauldron.’

Known for singing from the heart and tapping into his deepest emotions within his music, the brand new single Sangsuree is no different. An ode to a friend who gave him back his smile, the single is a floaty, folk-pop ballad with a gorgeous soundscape of layered instrumentals.

Speaking on the new single, Siegel explained:

I wrote this song for my friend Nicole, a beautiful musician… when my spirit was broken and I felt confused and completely unsure what I was supposed to be doing in the world, she was a beacon of hope for me. Not long after we met and went our separate ways, I found out that she had died in a highway accident in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Stunned, and deeply grateful for her life, I wrote this song, Sangsuree.