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THE CATALINA Share Dashing New Single ‘Runaround’

Bringing a driving sound, The Catalina kick-start their newest EP cycle with Runaround.

The Catalina 2020

If you fused 80s rock sounds and updated it to suit the tastes of today, you would get something along the lines of The Catalina. The band brings a hooking and energising sound, while maintaining a slight touch of the past that will please anyone who reminisces upon a bygone time. On Runaround, charismatic vocals smooth over synths to create an invigorating drive, while a catchy chorus will loop around your head even after the last note has faded.

Speaking more about the track, the band shares:

‘Runaround’ was written out of our personal experiences of searching for love, specifically the times in which you felt like the relationship was a one-way road. Everyone’s been in a situation in which they new the end was coming, but found themselves doing everything that they could convince someone to stay because they didn’t think they could go on without them. This song was written to capture the feelings of that moment, knowing that it’s all slipping away, and your last chance is to beg for it. Love can be the harshest of drugs, especially when you know it’s about to be taken away.