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SON OF CABE Team Up With ÊMIA for ‘4am’

Conjuring summer nostalgia and laid-back vibes, Son Of Cabe and ÊMIA deliver their joint effort 4am.

Son of Cabe 2021

Indie-pop duo Son Of Cabe reached across the pond, teaming up with New York-based vocalist ÊMIA to unveil their glittering new collaboration 4am. Blending suave electronic beats and 80s synth influences, it touches up nostalgic yearnings and brings it into a modern sphere with the punchy pop production. Luminous melodies dapple through and evoke those late-night, dreamy feelings that will transport you to the side of your loved ones, and you’ll find yourself wrapped in a warm soundscape that soothes and calms.

Speaking more about the inspiration behind the collaboration, Conor from Son Of Cabe begins:

I wrote the arrangement and chorus of the track and felt ÊMIA would be an awesome person to collaborate with on it. I had been listening to her work for quite a while beforehand, so as soon as we thought the track could work as a collaboration her name was the first in mind. The song speaks of a desire to be there for people in their times of need. I had the realisation that many people close to me had supported me through my darkest moments and I felt compelled to return the favour. So this song is about being there for them.

ÊMIA continues:

I loved the earnestness of Conor’s voice and the sincerity of his lyricism when he sent me the first demo. I haven’t had the chance to do many duet collaborations and I was excited to be part of a song that was different than my usual style. The song came at such a perfect time for me when music was getting through probably one of the loneliest periods of my life. This is a shout-out to all the important people who have been there for us – especially now.