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SCOTT IS OKAY Shares New Single ‘Money’

Self-produced bedroom pop at its finest, Money is the latest offering from scott is okay.

scott is okay 2021

The world is unaware of the face behind the mastermind music, but the mystery and intrigue scott is okay puts forward helps exemplify the sound he creates. Latest track Money is a hazy, warming, alt-pop track that explores loneliness following the breakdown of a friendship.

Coming in at just under three minutes long, the short track has a comforting feel about it; Scott’s soft vocals combined with the lo-fi pop production call for a lovely little single, setting scott is okay in good stead as a newcomer to the bedroom pop community.

For a song that says the word ‘money’ a lot, you’d think it was about money and the unnecessary spending of it, but scott is okay explains that it’s actually a lot more personal than that:

I learned that friendships are something you have to work towards. If you don’t put in the effort, they deteriorate and fizzle away. I’ve let it happen too many times and often realised that when it was too late.