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TARA-BRIDGET Releases Coming-Of-Age New Single ‘Eighteen Again’

Reminiscent of an important year, Eighteen Again is the latest release from tara-bridget.

tara-bridget 2021

Nineteen-year-old, Brooklyn-based tara-bridget has her whole life ahead of her, but the journal entry-esque Eighteen Again is a stream of consciousness, as we see Tara wanting nothing more than to relive her eighteenth year. Written hours before her nineteenth birthday, Tara had an almost epiphanic moment that “this is the song I’ve always wanted to make.”

Smooth, coming-of-age indie vocals come together alongside subtly electric and upbeat instrumentals, and Eighteen Again takes its form as a track that could be relevant to listeners of any age. Having recorded each aspect of the single herself – keys, bass, guitar and vocals – from her own attic, tara-bridget is a promising young lo-fi alt-pop artist.