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L.A. CHAI Shares New Single ‘Burn For You’

Emotive and nostalgic, Burn For You is a stunning ode to love.

LA Chai 2021

Creating under the moniker L.A. Chai, Andrew Bergthold is a producer and singer-songwriter based in the USA. With a touch of acute nostalgia to his sound, his latest offering Burn For You is a touching pop ballad that is sure to tug at your heartstrings. Marrying subtle acoustic instrumentation with wistful yet ardent vocals, L.A. Chai crafts an emotionally revealing song that finds him exploring the dimensional nature of love.

Speaking on the new single, L.A. Chai shares:

This song is a lovers call to the heart, as the sun reaches through the depths of space to warm and bring life to the earth. The call to stay true, though there are a million other stars that shine. There is something about the choice to stay that makes this one special. And maybe that’s what love is, after all, the choice to stay.