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JULIPER SKY Release Dream-Pop Ballad ‘Another Life’

Picking up from where they left off, Another Life is the next part of Juliper Sky’s journey.

Juliper Sky_2021

Manchester-based Juliper Sky are a dream-pop, shoegaze quintet, writing and producing with hints of psychedelia and escapism. With their debut Visions Of A New Age EP and radio support already in their back pockets, the world are aware of what Juliper Sky are capable of. Their latest release, Another Life, is an ode that shows their talent. The second single to be released from their upcoming EP, Modern Fantasy, Another Life picks up exactly where they left listeners with their previous single, Into The Outer Light – portraying well this message of a ‘journey’ that’s to be seen through the forthcoming EP.

Another Life builds on the shoegaze sound we’ve seen in the band’s previous releases, and is made up of dreamy instrumentals and soaring vocals. Exploring the finding of love and the emotions that accompany that feeling, the single is a perfect dream-pop love ballad.

Vocalist and guitarist Jamie Lambert commented:

‘Another Life’ is a song about longing for something or someone to change your life for the better. It’s about wanting to start a new life where you aren’t restricted by the boundaries in your old one, almost like a rebirth.