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LUCIE & THE ROBOT Share New Single ‘Sleeptalk’

Sleeptalk is an insomniac’s anthem from Lucie & The Robot.

Lucie & The Robot 2021

Lucie & The Robot is the Berlin-based electro, synth-pop duo of vocalist and producer Lucie, and drummer Paul. Inspired by the likes of Depeche Mode and Björk, the duo has been creating experimental, electro-pop anthems for the last year. Their latest track, Sleeptalk, is their first release of 2021.

Sleeptalk is a stimulating track full of sophisticated sounds; the mysterious, strangely seductive tone ensures the listener is captivated from the first bars to the last note. It narrates the search for peace and quiet whilst your brain is wide-awake, and the realisation that the only way to reach that peace is to give in to the sleeping pills. Extremely well composed, Sleeptalk embodies the feeling many insomniacs suffer with.

On the track, Lucie commented:

‘Sleeptalk’ is about insomnia. Throughout the song we learn that the only way to reach silence is to surrender to a loss of control, which will ultimately help to close the water lock on those racing rapids of thoughts.