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AMANDA TENFJORD Shares New Single ‘Miss The Way You Missed Me’

Norwegian rising star Amanda Tenfjord opens up in her new pop stunner, Miss The Way You Missed Me.

Amanda Tenfjord 2021

Scandinavia’s next pop sensation Amanda Tenfjord has released her brand new EP Miss The Way You Missed Me. Featuring her previous singles such as the super lush Kill The Lonely, Pressure, Then I Fell In Love as well as the new single Miss The Way You Missed Me, the EP is a slickly produced compilation of songs that finds the singer in a pensive mood as she revisits her past.

With change as a recurring theme on the EP, Tenfjord reflects on the aftermath of her past choices in the most compelling way. Speckled with fluttering synths and rousing piano chords, her latest single Miss The Way You Missed Me is an electronic-laced pop anthem combining dreamy melodies with stirring vocals. Tinged with a wistful longing for the old days, the song is sure to strike a chord within you.

Speaking on the new release, Amanda explains:

‘Missed The Way You Missed Me’ is about the feeling you get when something change for the worse. The longing for how it used to be and not really understanding why all good things must come to an end. I’ve never been a fan of change in general and this is kind of the common thread through the whole EP. Listening to the songs now they take me back to a time when things just felt easier… in many ways.