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OTHERWISE FINE Share Dreamy New Single ‘Shipwreck’ With Emily Rowed

Dappling electronics paint a whimsical soundscape in Otherwise Fine’s latest track Shipwreck.

Otherwise Fine 2021

Canadian electronic music duo Otherwise Fine bring their glimmering soundscape to new heights in their latest track Shipwreck, expanding upon the textured production and surging energy introduced in their previous works. Formed of Spencer Baird and Jake Sinclair, the collaboration expands to include vocalist Emily Rowed for their latest release and the three of them offer an escape from the wearying stresses of daily living in the soaring sounds of Shipwreck.

Dazzling electronics lay the groundwork for effortless vocals to sail through, and the track will have you holding onto every last note and breath with its building momentum. Mesmerising electronics swirl through a haze of laid-back melodies, hypnotising you with the warmth it emanates and the constancy it provides. Amidst the lush sonics, thoughtful lyricism pierces through and offers a shoulder for listeners to lean on and seek solace within. It offers words of reassurance and comfort that is greatly welcomed within the current uncertain climate, stirring listeners. The cinematic instrumentals found in Shipwreck are not the first nor the last you will hear from the musicians this year, so keep your eyes peeled for more to come.