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In The Spotlight // WILL HYDE

Following the release of our ‘Ones To Watch’ list for 2021, ‘In The Spotlight’ offers the chance to get to know our picks more intimately and find out why we fell in love with them.

will hyde 2021

You’ve heard about the artists that we’re most excited for this year. Now, get ready to hear from the artists themselves as we shine a spotlight on their personality, the year just past, and their most anticipated musical artists. This week, it’s time to turn to will hyde who has been charming us with buoyant pop melodies and candid lyricism. His authenticity transforms his music into a platform for catharsis and truth-searching as he opens up about his own struggles with mental health and relationships on his debut EP with u in mind., released last year. Tracks such as misfit. offer a refreshing reminder that none of us are perfect and that’s okay – we can still find the beauty in our life, create, and grow stronger from the flaws. With such a mature mindset already, there’s no better time to dig even deeper into his thoughts and find out about the things he deem valuable.

What’s integral to the work of an artist?

i believe being an artist means delving into what it means to be human & exploring urself. i am always finding out more about myself thru sitting with my thoughts & navigating my journey with spirituality. i spend a lot of time meditating – at the core of being an artist is knowing urself, or trying to. once u know that, u can figure out what to write on the page! i also believe authenticity & staying intentional with what u do is very important. i always try to make sure i’m being as honest as i possibly can be with my work. plus, i wanna make sure that everything i do has an intention – to help someone, to find myself etc.

Are there any behind-the-scenes stories of recording your with u in mind. EP that you can share with us?

definitely!! i did a lot of travelling while making this EP. each song is made in a different part of Australia. dark until september. was the first song i made – i was living with my aunt in brisbane & taking a bus for an hour just to get to the studio. alex & i made it in his basement. i would always leave at like 8pm & i remember after making that song i was on the bus home when i texted it to my dad. i was so so proud of it. i was like dad play this RIGHT NOW. he loved it. it felt like the first time i was on to something musically for a long time that was authentic to me.

another story from the EP is how i made misfit.. i was in a hotel in New Zealand when someone said something that stuck with me. it was that they thought i was an outsider. i decided to use those strong feelings i felt come up in response to that & make a song about being like – “yeah & i love who i am for it”. that was a great trip. i got to meet lots of people while making this body of work.

How would you describe the project to someone at a dinner party that’s never heard of you?

i would probably just tell them i work in music, something vague so i can stay anonymous. just playing, sort of. i would say that i make pop music with real lyrics about real things.

What advice would you give to your pre-lockdown self?

i would say – this is going to be a gnarly time. buckle up. be like water. work with life & not against it. there’s lots of things that are going to happen outside of your control – please stay patient. it’s going to work out & the tough times u face are going to prepare u for a better life in the future. also, make some time for other things outside of music & take care of ur health – that’s gonna be coming at u.

How would you sum up your 2020 in one sentence?


Name one thing you can’t imagine your life without.


What is the most useless talent you have?

being able to do algebra.

What are your hopes and dreams for 2021?

that i can be healthy, feel loved & be excited to live life.

Which artists excite you the most this year?

chase atlantic, chelsea cutler, MUNN (shout out), OTR, new west!!

And finally, what does your music say about you?

my music says that i’m figuring out this thing called life & i am learning a lot from the relationships around me. my music would also say that pain is the biggest teacher – with darkness comes light!