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CHLOE MORIONDO Shares New Single ‘I Eat Boys’

Jennifer’s Body inspired I Eat Boys is the latest single from Chloe Moriondo.

chloe moriondo 2021

Chloe Moriondo is a force to be reckoned with. At only 18 years old, they have been creating music and tackling modern issues within it since 2018. Their self-produced debut album, Rabbit Hearted, turned many a head in the music industry and it’s been nonstop for Moriondo since. She’s now preparing to release her second album, Blood Bunny, out on May 7th, which Moriondo has noted is an extremely honest piece as a result of becoming more open and honest with themself.

Taken from the forthcoming album, I Eat Boys is Moriondo’s latest offering. In spite of the harmonious, soft melody, the single is in fact a reaction to street harassment which is an issue prevalent in society at the minute. The accompanying music video is inspired by the cult classic Jennifer’s Body, and sees Moriondo taking control following an instance of harassment. I Eat Boys combines Chloe’s sweet vocals with intense imagery, and this has been done incredibly well and has created a powerful feminist anthem.

On I Eat Boys, Moriondo comments:

I wrote the song as a way to vent my hatred for the percentage of the male population that is terrible. I’m incredibly stoked for [the single] to be out and for people to finally get as officially excited as I am for ‘Blood Bunny’. I hope the rock chicks and the lesbians will love it!