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Daily Archives: April 16, 2021


I KNOW I KNOW Releases New Single ‘Fade Out’

Prince-esque I Know I Know has shared their first track of 2021, the hypnotic Fade Out. Instrumentalist, producer, Prince-lookalike Tommy Hill has been releasing music under the alias of I Know I Know for the last four years. Hill’s music is a concoction of groove,


Band Of The Week // BANJI

When you’re feeling helplessly off-track, this fun new track from Banji will pick you right back up. Dutch quartet Banji tap into a carefree, lackadaisical sound for their newest single and video Dogbreath. Blending together alt-pop melodies with playful electronics and woozy, off-kilter lyrics, Banji


DAYTIME TV Release New Single ‘Zombie’

UK rockers, DAYTIME TV, have once again evolved – showcasing their dark side on new single Zombie. Said to vocalize their stand against social media’s iron grip on society, Zombie is about far more than the Hollywood monster we’ve grown to love. “It’s our comment