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DRUG STORE ROMEOS Share Visuals for New Single ‘What’s On Your Mind’

Floaty dream pop visualises a changing of perspectives in Drug Store Romeos’ latest track, What’s On Your Mind.

Drug Store Romeos

Music industry ‘newbies’ Drug Store Romeos only released their debut single in 2019 but have got a sound to last a lifetime. A unique, floaty dream pop sound encapsulates listeners and entrances the mind. The Hampshire-based trio have thus far put out 5 singles and have just announced The world within our bedrooms, their debut album due to be shared with the world on June 25th. Taken from said album, Drug Store Romeos have released their latest single, What’s On Your Mind.

Escapism and romanticism within their music pays homage to Drug Store Romeos’ journey from being small-town friends to big-city musicians, and that’s exactly what is seen in What’s On Your Mind, and is said to be a theme that will be prevalent throughout the album. The new single sees beating guitar and drum melodies with Sarah’s delicate vocals layering beautifully over the top. The accompanying music video, by Qianhui Yu, really encapsulates the way the song makes listeners feel. Dream-like visuals with a hue of blue running throughout soothe the mind; it’s very much a song to play when you’re about to turn in for the night.

Drug Store Romeos commented on the single:

The last half of the song is sort of our interpretation of a mental health journey through realisations about past situations that send you down rabbit holes of thought… You go through positive and negative emotions, but the negative emotions are not inherently bad and can lead to positive change. ‘What’s On Your Mind’ is about perspective change.