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DAYTIME TV Release New Single ‘Zombie’

UK rockers, DAYTIME TV, have once again evolved – showcasing their dark side on new single Zombie.


Photo: Rory Barnes

Said to vocalize their stand against social media’s iron grip on society, Zombie is about far more than the Hollywood monster we’ve grown to love.

“It’s our comment on the state of society from a social perspective. The lack of human contact. Reliance on technology. Suppressing emotions. It’s left us all feeling a bit dead behind the eyes,” said frontman Will Irvine.

Although the track is meant to symbolize the solitude and distance felt by most during this pandemic, Irvine adds the conception process was quite cathartic.

Music is a good therapy. Writing lyrics is like talking things through with an old friend. I hope it can connect with people and give them some fire in the belly at a time where we’re all looking for something to grab hold of.

However, it is not just the lyricism that makes Zombie an infectious (pun intended) ear-worm. The shadowed soundscapes created with tar-like bass tones, gloomy synths, danceable hi-hat taps, hooky song writing and momentous production elevates it to an arena-ready show opener.