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MIGHLOE Shares New Single ‘Rainy Days’

Wrapped up in warm R&B tones, Rainy Days is the ode to love from Mighloe.

Mighloe 2021

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Mighloe returns with her second single Rainy Days off her forthcoming EP, Desperate Times. Marrying R&B and soul stylings with a subtle indie edge, Mighloe adds her own unique flavour to the mix. Her latest single Rainy Days is a celebration of love, an atmospheric slow-burner that glistens with sultry beats and rich soulful vocals. Radiating warmth and passion, the track is sure to delight listeners with the sheer sensuousness of musical texture.

Speaking on the new single, Mighloe shares:

‘Rainy Days’ is about opening yourself up to requited love! A love that goes both ways. It’s sweet and sexy and drenched in obsession. It’s about begging for the rainy days, for the sorrows because in those desperate times, when we are weak; is where our love is the strongest.