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BLEACHERS Release Infectious New Single ‘Stop Making This Hurt’

Heart-tugging yet triumphantly joyful, Stop Making This Hurt is the massive new track from Bleachers.

Bleachers 2021

Photo: Carlotta Kohl

Bleachers have shared visuals for their brand new track, Stop Making This Hurt, taken from their forthcoming new album Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night, which will be released on July 30th.

The new song is a masterclass in alt-pop music, an adventurous cut filled with radio-ready pop hooks and sky-rocketing melodies. Touching upon the theme of mental health and dealing with a notion of inescapable darkness growing within, Stop Making This Hurt is sonically vibrant and lyrically moving, the perfect addition to our summer playlists.

Speaking on the new single, Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff shares:

‘Stop Making This Hurt’ is what you get when we are not allowed to go play for our people. it’s a line that had been ringing in my head for years. i fell into a dark place after a loss and then starting to have that feeling of rage towards the depression – which is when you know there’s a way out. started looking at the people close to me in my life and finding all the ways we keep ourselves from breaking through. ‘Stop Making This Hurt’ started ringing more and more in my head. then the pandemic hit and i got the band in a room and we played like we may never play again. at that point it took on another meaning. found myself banging at the door of the next phase of my life and to open up all the darkness from the past and what’s holding you back. i could intellectualise it for days but what im truly left with is a voice in my head shouting ‘Stop Making This Hurt’.

Bleachers’ third LP Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night will be released July 30th via RCA Records.

Bleachers Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night 2021


1. 91
2. Chinatown (feat. Bruce Springsteen)
3. How Dare You Want More
4. Big Life
5. Secret Life
6. Stop Making This Hurt
7. Don’t Go Dark
8. 45
9. Strange Behavior
10. What’d I Do with All This Faith?