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Daily Archives: May 20, 2021


GIRLHOUSE Releases Debut EP ‘the girlhouse ep’

Taking her sonic explorations to a new level, girlhouse unveils her latest project, the girlhouse ep, to the rest of the world. Growing up in Portland wasn’t the most captivating experience for girlhouse, aka Lauren Luiz, and so she sought every opportunity available to go


Interview // SINEAD O’BRIEN

“I work really hard to be positive and to plow through the carnage of daily life,” we sat down with Sinead O’Brien to discuss her multifarious passions from fashion designer to punk-focused poet/musician in a world where dreaming big is frowned upon, Sinead makes it her purpose. 

Wax Owls

WAX OWLS Soothe With New Track ‘Sacrifice’

Calming you with ambient guitars and rippling textures, Sacrifice is the release from Wax Owls that we all need to escape from our daily stresses. Los Angeles indie-folk trio Wax Owls are back with another calming release in the form of Sacrifice. Exploring the challenges