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Daily Archives: May 6, 2021

Mackenzie Shrieve

MACKENZIE SHRIEVE Shares New Single ‘Running & Hiding’

Lifted off her debut album, Mackenzie Shrieve energises listeners with newest single and video Running & Hiding. New York-based singer-songwriter Mackenzie Shrieve has created her own sound that draws upon her mixed musical inspiration, which ranges from folk and indie, to a more mainstream poppy

Franki 2021

FRANKI Charms With New Track ‘Redo’

With a tropical beat and laid-back beats, Redo is the breezy new anthem from Franki to brighten up your day. Dublin-based musician Franki made his first mark this year with single are u gonna, which saw him landing on various Spotify playlists and airplay on

Low Girl 2021

LOW GIRL Gets Tender in ‘Okay Someday’

Baring her thoughts for the world to hear, Okay Someday is the vulnerable new single from Low Girl. Low Girl has found music as a platform to express her experiences and thoughts, which is a coping mechanism that many of us relate to. Having struggled

Whale and the Wolf

WHALE AND THE WOLF Make a Stand in ‘Veins’

Whale and the Wolf use hard pop to scream at the demons that run through our Veins. Canadian five-piece Whale and the Wolf are definitely a force to be reckoned with as with over a million Spotify streams and incredible support from their little nation,

Johnny Aries x GIG GOER

Interview // JOHNNY ARIES

“I feel like rock is part of my DNA,” we sat down with Johnny Aries to discuss his current musical work, his experience through a global rehabilitation and the expected rebirth to follow. With a reputation for surf-rock anthems, Johnny Aries, former band member/guitarist of

Cate Tomlinson 2021

CATE TOMLINSON Releases Soothing New Track ‘Favorite Boy’

Inviting us into her world of complex emotions, Cate Tomlinson stuns with her authentic depiction of love in her exquisite new release, Favorite Boy.  20-year-old singer, songwriter, and performing artist Cate Tomlinson has perfectly captured the essence of being infatuated with another human in her


AYELLE Shares Tender New Track ‘Options’

With a touch of heartbreak mixed with an irresistible melody, Options is the captivating return single from Ayelle. Swedish-Iranian musician Ayelle has done a fair amount of gaining experience, having grown up in Sweden and Spain, before pursuing music in London and now relocating to

Medium Build 2020

MEDIUM BUILD Shares Driving New Single ‘Rabbit’

If you’ve ever felt weighed down by self-expectations, then Rabbit is the new track from Medium Build that will strongly resonate with you. Alaskan-based musical project Medium Build may not have the most coherent line-up, as it sometimes consists of Nick Carpenter as a solo