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Daily Archives: May 7, 2021


Artist Of The Week // TIM SCHOU

Emerging pop musician Tim Schou shares the video for HERO/LOSER, the focus track from his debut album. Scandinavian pop artist Tim Schou is establishing himself as an exciting, emerging name on the pop scene as he captivates our hearts with an irresistibly fun and bouncy

Nina Chuba

NINA CHUBA Shares New Single ‘Levitating’

Irresistible electro-pop from Nina Chuba makes listeners feel like they are Levitating. “Fuck genres, get money” is the mantra of Berlin-based Nina Chuba, who has never settled into a particular sound in her last three years of creating. Previous release Who Hurt You was a


Album Review // CHLOE MORIONDO ‘Blood Bunny’

Three years after releasing her debut album Rabbit Hearted at just fifteen years old, chloe moriondo returns with her incredible sophomore album Blood Bunny, a project which authentically embodies her remarkable transition into adulthood and the music industry. At the mere age of thirteen, chloe