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Daily Archives: May 21, 2021

Sad Boys Club 2021

Band Of The Week // SAD BOYS CLUB

Grappling with the messiness of life that accompanies you through your twenties, Echoes In A Shallow Bay ushers in a new era for Sad Boys Club. Trying to navigate your twenties in a sprawling capital city isn’t the easiest experience; the members of London’s Sad

Alex McArtor

ALEX MCARTOR Releases Compelling Track ‘Bras And Jeans’

With spellbinding vocals and thought-provoking lyrics, Bras And Jeans is not only a hypnotic track, but a powerfully lyrical reclamation of women’s bodies. Texas singer-songwriter Alex McArtor masterfully marries her mesmerising vocals with deliciously intricate lyricism in her latest single. The 18-year-old artist pens her


JAIS Debuts With ‘Red Car’

A newbie on the scene, youngster jais releases her first EP, beginning with the soft Red Car. North Carolina-based, seventeen-year-old jais is a senior in high school, and has just written, produced, and released her debut EP, Ivy. Created as a way to both stand


IVYTIDE Release New Bop ‘miss u btw’

miss u btw, the new single from Ivytide, makes listeners feel some kind of way. Ivytide are Nathan Gagné, Jamie Snytte, and Kyle Ruggerio, and the trio have been making waves on the lo-fi, bedroom pop scene for the last three years. Hailing from Montreal,