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WORLD’S FIRST CINEMA Share Stimulating Single ‘Make Me A Monster’

Bold and self-assured, this new track is not only a stirring song, but an immersive and theatrical experience.

World's First Cinema

The World’s First Cinema opened for the first time back in 2019, when founding member of Neck Deep, Fil Thorpe, and John Sinclair, better known as Saint Claire, decided to combine their expansive musical knowledge. With their heart set on creating a unique and extravagant sound, the duo have undoubtedly achieved that, with the unrelenting track Make Me A Monster.

Unapologetically demanding your attention, their latest release is an invigorating listen from start to finish. Channelling the theatricality of cherished bands like Panic! At The Disco and My Chemical Romance, the track combines rousing sonics and daring vocals. As you listen, you cannot help but wonder how magnificent it would sound and feel to witness this track performed live.

Speaking about the new single, they said:

‘Make Me A Monster’ is the beginning of a dark new chapter of World’s First Cinema. It’s the first intimate look into this epic fantasy world that we’re building, brick by brick. The video especially highlights this – witches, druids and monsters coming to life amidst the explosion of strings and cinematic rock is exactly the sort of ritual we pictured our minds.

World’s First Cinema are pushing their electrifying sound as far as it will go and, quite frankly, it is exciting to watch them take music to thrilling new heights.