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ALEX MCARTOR Releases Compelling Track ‘Bras And Jeans’

With spellbinding vocals and thought-provoking lyrics, Bras And Jeans is not only a hypnotic track, but a powerfully lyrical reclamation of women’s bodies.

Alex McArtor

Texas singer-songwriter Alex McArtor masterfully marries her mesmerising vocals with deliciously intricate lyricism in her latest single. The 18-year-old artist pens her experiences in such a captivating manner, as if her life is an indie, coming-of-age movie that you feel compelled to dive into.

Sublime vocals lie on a bed of gentle guitar riffs and tender percussion, which effortlessly enhance the mesmerising lyricism in this stellar track. In the chorus, Alex’s convincingly sings the lyrical simile “girls in bras and jeans, like a collage cut from a magazine”, emphasising the male gaze’s perceived disposability of women’s bodies.

Speaking on the single, Alex shares:

‘Bras And Jeans’ is based on a time when my friends and I were swimming in a lake and all these horny freshman boys were watching us. It turned into a song about society’s infatuation with exploiting girls as they transition into womanhood, at a point when they aren’t fully aware of their sexuality—which is then imposed on us before we’re ready. A woman’s sexuality and power belong to her; it’s not something there for the taking by the voyeurs of the world.

One cannot help but admire the authenticity of Alex McArtor, with her lyrical exploration of society’s exploitation of womanhood. The future of music, as long as she is in it, just got even more intriguing.