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AILSHA Releases Relatable Anthem ‘FBOY’

With bubble-gum pop sonics and delicate vocals on a bed of orchestral arrangements, this track is an admirably light-hearted depiction of a failed dating experience.


Inspired by fairy tales and video game music, AILSHA is a promising singer-songwriter from County Wicklow, Ireland. Her latest single FBOY channels her signature pop style, with endearingly fun and energetic lyrical quirks. Her unique perspective comes across in her comedic lyricism, such as “I fell for a f**kboy again,” in which you can faintly hear her laugh “oops!” at the end.

AILSHA sums up the innate human desire for love, which we often look for without building the foundations of self-care first, in her lyric “How can I love someone else when I can’t spend a second by myself?” The song’s pre-chorus is an intense stream of consciousness of rhetorical questions, such as “Will I ever find love or is love a myth?”, which perfectly depicts the overwhelming nature of an overthinking brain.

AILSHA shares:

I wrote this song in early 2020 when I found myself in a romantic situationship… I had fallen for a f**kboy (again). I wanted to turn my feelings into a fun song that playfully depicted the intrusive thoughts and economic uncertainty that preoccupied my mind at the time.

Combining vulnerably introspective lyrics with humorous undertones, AILSHA’s latest track will surely resonate with anyone who has found themselves lured in by a f**kboy, only to be left disappointed.