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BEXX Shares Rousing Single ‘Biggest Mistake’

A musical embodiment of the importance of self-love, this pop-punk track is a triumphant reminder to treat yourself with kindness.


Currently a finalist in Future Sound of Nottingham 2021, bexx has proved herself as one to watch in the UK pop scene. Quite the pop connoisseur, bexx channels 80s synth-pop and 00s pop-punk references and the artistry of renowned Lady Gaga and Rina Sawayama, in order to develop her unique euphoric alt-pop sound. Her debut single Hard To Love has been incredibly well-received after being released in April this year, and now her second single Biggest Mistake has been shared.

Drawing inspiration from the pop-punk artists she adored and idolised as a teenager, bexx’s latest single Biggest Mistake is an empowering track about self-esteem and personal growth. Seamlessly blending bexx’s refined pop vocals and flawless harmonies with warped basslines, charging guitar riffs and intense drums, Biggest Mistake is the most exhilarating soundtrack to personal growth which we didn’t know we needed until now.

bexx shares:

‘Biggest Mistake’ was part of a long period of writing songs about personal growth and wondering if things could get better. I wrote it to remind me to be kind to myself, and not to tear myself down. Because if I’m not in my corner, then who will be?

Unafraid to write and perform vulnerable lyrics about subjects such as mental health and toxic relationships, bexx is a refreshing pop visionary. An expert in her tasteful genres of pop and pop-punk, bexx’s confidence in her individual artistry means that she is a force to be reckoned with.