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CYRANO Releases Mind-Bending Single ‘Tundra’

Walking us through what feels like when you’re mind is in a Tundra is Cyrano, with his latest single.

Cyrano 2021

You wouldn’t think that Scotsman Cyrano had only made his debut earlier in 2021, with the talent he displays, and the confidence with which he does it. White Wine received praise from the likes of BBC Music, and saw him in good stead for the year. Cyrano has continued as he started, with his incredible sophomore single, Tundra.

Personifying the hell social anxiety sometimes ensues but reminding us to not let it get the better of us, Tundra is a tumultuous anthem that takes you to a whole new world in just four and a half minutes. Ever-changing alt-pop beats travel through listeners’ heads, and the song goes from one extreme to another with beat drops appearing left, right, and centre. Cyrano’s echoey, melodic vocals provide a spacious feel, and really help show us what Tundra is about.

On the track, Cyrano says:

I wanted to make a track so chaotic, that could mirror the oscillating and often unpredictable feeling of social anxiety, and the journey it can take you on. Our aim was to break our beats and the norms of a song structure to keep things as irrational as life itself when the feelings arise.