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ELIZA ELLIOTT Releases New Single ‘Go Outside!’

Interspersing a synth-pop sound with yearning vocals, Go Outside! is the nostalgic send-off for a memory-filled summer.

Eliza Elliott 2021

New York-based musician eliza elliott delights with her latest effort, Go Outside!. Armed with breathy vocals and synths that vibrate with joyousness (but only on the surface – listen carefully and you’ll see that all is not as it seems), it’s the track for all of your summer daydreams and wanderlust fantasies.

Opening with bright synths and a faded singalong, the first line you’ll hear is ‘something out of a dream’, and it’s an apt description of the sounds that are filtering through your ears. Swooning electronics conjure up a playful introduction before a more wistful guitar takes over in the verse and honeyed vocals begin swimming through the haze. As Eliza builds up to the yearning chorus, her heartfelt vocals and emotions will pierce through and compel you to make the most of the moment you’re living in. Capturing the longing pang that lingers after a bygone moment, Eliza’s forlornness is barely masked by the upbeat accompaniment, with the contrast between the two making for a thoughtful listening.

Saying more about the song, Eliza shares:

‘Go Outside!’ is a nostalgic synth-pop ballad that perfectly encapsulates the end of summer. While the song’s instrumentation is upbeat and encouraging it is lyrically driven with the heartache and longing we all feel as we approach the end of a season and the opportunity to start over again. This song was written and produced in Brooklyn, NY.