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Daily Archives: September 3, 2021

Tigress 2021

Band Of The Week // TIGRESS

Tigress tackle the unrealistic expectations that we’re confronted with in their searing debut album, Pura Vida. It’s not uncommon to feel a disconnect and pressures of unrealistic expectations caused by the technology we’re surrounded by. But instead of standing idly in the face of such

Green Day - Hella Mega Tour - GIG GOER

Live: HELLA MEGA TOUR // Target Field, Minneapolis, MN

The Hella Mega Tour featuring Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Weezer with support from The Interrupters blasted their way through Minneapolis last week. Originally planned for Summer 2020, many concertgoers in attendance had been holding onto their tickets since late 2019. As one of the

Eliza Elliott 2021

ELIZA ELLIOTT Releases New Single ‘Go Outside!’

Interspersing a synth-pop sound with yearning vocals, Go Outside! is the nostalgic send-off for a memory-filled summer. New York-based musician eliza elliott delights with her latest effort, Go Outside!. Armed with breathy vocals and synths that vibrate with joyousness (but only on the surface –

girlhouse 2021

GIRLHOUSE Shares Woozy New Single ‘concussion’

Announcing her sophomore body of work, the second ep, girlhouse sets anticipations high as she shares concussion. Having grown up in Portland, traversed through Los Angeles, and now settled in Nashville, girlhouse has been collecting memories and experiences during her journeys of trying new things

The Sukis 2021

THE SUKIS Share Driving New Single ‘Cherryade’

You’ll be left with a sweet taste on your lips with the summery new track from The Sukis, Cherryade. There almost seems to be something synonymous between British summer, and feel-good indie melodies, and The Sukis tap into this with their hooking release Cherryade. Slinging

Emma Elisabeth

EMMA ELISABETH Stuns With New Single ‘Tray Full Of Ash’

Blooming softly into her new era of artistry, Emma Elisabeth’s latest track is a musingly introspective fragment of her complex thoughts. Hailing from Sweden, Emma Elisabeth lives, walks, breathes and sings her heritage in the most captivating way. Now Berlin-based, Emma embodies the liberating and

ROMA 2021

ROMA Releases Introspective Single ‘under my shirt’

Lyrically transparent and vocally heartfelt, this track was therapeutically written to encourage processing and self-reflection; it is a truly cathartic listening experience. Essentially the musical lovechild of James Blake and Amy Winehouse, ROMA is an independent artist, songwriter and pianist based in the East Village