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Daily Archives: September 9, 2021

joan 2021

JOAN Share New Song ‘something special’

Bringing a dose of feel-good pop and glistening melodies, joan delight with new video and single something special. Arkansas duo joan have become quite the two-man powerhouse, blending together sweet synths and grooving instrumentals to deliver an intoxicating sound that’s impossible to resist. They continue

The Howlers

Backstage With THE HOWLERS

Get behind the scenes with The Howlers this week. Celebrating the release of their debut EP, The Sum Of Our Fears, we caught up with London’s desert-rockers The Howlers to chat about the thrill of live music, their journey as a band, and musical independence. What’s

Sarah and the Sundays

SARAH & THE SUNDAYS Release Authentic Single ‘Vices’

Describing themselves as ‘five college dropouts’ together in one ensemble, this irresistible coming-of-age anthem makes you grateful this band pursued music. Hailing from Austin, Texas, Sarah and the Sundays are a five-piece indie rock band who are renowned for their undeniable ability to bring the

Bess Atwell 2021

BESS ATWELL Shares New Single ‘Red Light Heaven’

Bess Atwell seeks connection in her captivating new offering Red Light Heaven. Emerging singer and songwriter Bess Atwell lays bare her inner thoughts and feelings as she releases her introspective new single, Red Light Heaven. The track is taken from her upcoming new album, Already,